Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Amazing Zipper Pouch

I recently saw this cool bag that a friend had.  It was made all in black zipper and, well, you have to see it to appreciate it.  I had to make one.  Here is the finished bag:
Why is it amazing?  Simply begin to unzip...
Oh, you can unzip more than that!

C'mon, all the way!!!

Isn't that cool?  Well, my thoughts of making and selling these cuties or creating a tutorial have gone by the wayside as I discovered the market is covered in ready made product called Zipit (surely a legally protected design), but how fun to make yourself!  I followed a free tutorial found here :
My pouch finished at 6" wide by 4.5" tall.  I used 2 colors of zipper by the yard and used 2 yards of each color (#5 nylon coil) to make this size.  I separated the pink and the purple and zipped them back together to form the stripe effect.  With 2 colors and 2 yards each, you would get 2 pouches of course.  If you use a single color, 2 yards will make one pouch.

So where do you find zipper by the yard?  There are probably a lot of online sources, but I use for my zippers.  She sells retail and wholesale.

Happy stitching!

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