Friday, February 15, 2013

Zipless iPad cover, The Grace Clutch


Had a thought to make a pattern for the zipperphobic!  Even though my zippered patterns are super easy to construct, sometimes you just want to sew zipper free, or maybe you have some spare fabric, an urge to make something RIGHT NOW and you don't have a zipper in your sewing kit.

 This clutch style has a couple of flap variations included in the pattern.  This is the scalloped version, easier to see here:

 Working with batting and interfacing, I came up with a technique to make this bag hold its shape nicely, while padding your device to keep it safe and snug in your purse or briefcase.  The clutch ads  minimum bulk with maximum style.  The pattern includes hidden rings to attach a shoulder strap if desired.  I love removable straps, if I am tucking my tablet into another carrier, I don't want that strap getting tangled up with my purse contents.

Close with a snap, velcro or ribbon tie.

 Looking for a more modern, tailored look?  Use the envelope flap style.  This version sports a decorative button.
All variations featured here are included in the pattern.  Immediate pdf download available!
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