Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coupons for iPad Offline

Okay, I don't have a smart phone or data coverage for my iPad and it drives me crazy to see others getting coupons that are only for smartphones!

Not to be daunted, I've discovered some workarounds.  If you do have a smartphone, you might still find a couple of tips here that are valuable.

Joanne's Smartphone Coupons

On my desktop, I was able to pull up the Joanne's coupon for mobile.  Did a google search for Joanne's coupons and went to a blogsite and clicked on Mobile Coupons.  I had to enter my cell phone number, but it gave me a 50% off coupon.  There is no discount coupon available in other Joanne ads this week, so this is a valuable coupon!  I was able to print the coupon at home.  There isn't anything on the coupon saying mobile only, so I'm assuming it will be accepted in the store.  I have also found that Hancock Fabrics will take competitor coupons, but ONLY in print, not on a smart device so I can use it at Hancock or Michaels for that matter.

Can I get the coupon on my iPad?  Yes, and here's how!  I opened the coupon on my browser (in my case Explorer), then by clicking on the down arrow by 'Page' I can email the coupon to myself.  I then opened the email on the iPad and took a screenshot of the coupon, saving it to the camera roll on the iPad, so now I can show the coupon on my iPad in the store.  How green can you be!

How to Take a Screenshot on iPad

If you haven't learned this valuable trick on your iPad, read on!  Anything you are viewing on your iPad can be stored as a .jpg in your camera roll.  It will take a 'picture' of exactly what is displayed on the screen, coupon from a webpage, info in an email, etc.  You can zoom in, move the image around, get it arranged however you want and then, at the same time, push the round button on the face of the iPad (bottom center) and the power button (top right) for just a sec and you'll hear a camera shutter sound and voila, you have captured the image on your screen.  Open your camera roll and at the end of the photo collection you will see your screenshot.

I'm off to save some money at the Fabric store, hope I can help you save too!

Happy Stitching!