Monday, April 18, 2011

Tool Belt for Sewing

A great tool belt is a must to make your sewing efficient!  I will admit, I have made several toolbelts from cute fabrics with nice trims but a tool belt from the hardware store is still my favorite.  They come with many pocket, clip and loop configurations so you can choose the one you like best.  The one I love was under $20, all the pockets are heavy duty so sharp points won't poke through or tear the fabric.  It has outer metal 'racks' that are great for scissors and is small enough to slip off to the side when seated to keep all your tools handy when standing or sitting.  In looking for images on line, I discovered you can get great tool belts in pink now too!  Don't waste time searching for your scissors, tapemeasure or seamripper again ~ get a tool belt.

Happy stitiching!


  1. Apparently I do not sew enough! I have never thought of this approach! Very nice idea.

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