Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tie the perfect bow

When you tie a bow, does it turn sideways and look like this?  Yuck!
The trick to tying a bow that is horizontal is simple and the secret is in the knot before the bow.  Tie your single knot and identify the tail that is on top, in this next picture, it is the tail to the left.

The left tail is the one you must use to make the center knot of the bow.  In doing so, your bow will always sit horizontally.
I have taken the right tail to form the first loop of the bow and the left (top of the knot) tail to form the center of the bow.  Finish the bow and...
...your bow will sit nicely in the horizontal position you desired!

I have found that the 'natural' way I tie a knot and then a bow will always set the bow sideways.  I have to look at my knot and make sure the top tail is in the right place so my bow sits straight!  So simple, so effective.

Tip:  If you are making a bow without a knot - like sewing ribbon onto an item for a stationary bow - sew the ribbon on vertically so you have a top and bottom tail, then tie the bow (no knot) as directed above and your decorative bow will also be horizontal.

Happy stitching!


  1. Do I get royalties for the use of my dress form? ;)

  2. Of course you do, dear, you call it 'royalties', I call it 'tuition'!