Thursday, April 14, 2011

Supplies you must have for your sewing cabinet

As I am working on a new pattern for a Volleyball Pillow, I am reminded of another 'must have' item if you work with fabrics ~ Wrinkle Releaser.  If you have discovered this wonderful product already, you have probably used it to get wrinkles out of t-shirts and other clothing so you can 'spray and go' without the time and hassle of ironing. 

What you may not have discovered is that if you spray a badly creased fabric, then press, it will get that crease out.  Because the volleyball requires piecing of a few small strips of fabrics, I purchased fat quarters from the quilting area (on sale when I was at the fabric store).  If you are not a quilt person (like me) fat quarters are rectangles of cotton prints and come folded a bunch of times and nicely packaged for quick selection and sale.  The ones I selected were folded and (I think) pressed, so the grid of creases was not coming out.  No problem, I reached for my trusty Wrinkle Releaser and voila, no more creases!

Gotta have a Wrinkle Releaser in your sewing kit!

Happy Stitching.

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