Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sewing gadgets you gotta have!

Today I attended a meeting of workroom professionals from central and northern California.  Among other subject matter for the meeting, each attendee was challenged to bring a 'must have' for the sewing workroom that did not come from a sewing supplier, fabric or craft store.  So many fun ideas were presented!  I will be posting them to share with you over the coming days.

Today's must have is Dental Floss.  Yes, basic waxed dental floss is a great thing to have in your sewing box.  I use it for attaching buttons where they will need to survive some stress.  Some examples would be on tufted pillows (a button on each side of a pillow to create an indentation), upholstered items such as headboards, valances, cushions with button tufting and I have also used them on quilts where the quilting was achieved with buttons on each side of the comforter.  Floss is very strong and the waxy texture allows you to adjust the dimple in a pillow or quilt without the thread 'slipping' before you can tie the final knot.  It threads easily through a large eye needle and is inexpensive.  There is no need to glue the final knot tie as the wax prevents the thread from untieing itself.

Another good use for Dental Floss is when gathering a long run of fabric or heavy fabric.  Zig-zag stitch over the dental floss and pull to adjust the gathers.  Not only is the floss unlikely to break when drawing up the gathers, as you adjust the gathering, the waxy texture will help the gathers to stay where you want them.

Don't you want to run to the store now and buy some?

Do you have a favorite 'must have' item in your sewing kit?  Please share!!!

Happy stitching.

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