Monday, May 2, 2011

Magnets in the Sewing Room? Another must-have item!

For many years I had one of those magnetic pinholders you get at the fabric store with a hole at the top, a clear plastic container and a magnet around the hole to keep the pins in (sort of).  Mine was old enough it was lime green plastic, though I remember a lot of gold ones around that time!  It worked okay, but seemed like it never held enough pins and if it hit the floor, the pins spilled out and had to be picked up by hand and stuffed back in the hole.

Then I was introduced to the magnetic tool bowl!
It makes a wonderful pin holder.  The magnet on the base of the bowl is very strong and holds your pins (and other magnetic items securely).  The wide area of the bowl allows you to see the contents easily and makes it simple to grab the pins.  The base also sticks to your machine (if you are lucky enough to have one that is actually made out of metal) to help keep the bowl from getting knocked off the table.  If it does fall, it holds the pins pretty tightly, but if you have a spill, you can just waive the bowl over the floor and it will attract the pins effectively making clean-up a snap!

Check your local hardware store or automotive part supplier for a magnetic tool holder or magnetic parts holder.  Costs less than $10 and is a wonderful addition to your sewing kit.

What is your favorite sewing gadget...please share!

Happy Stitching!

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