Monday, June 6, 2011

Tip for loose threads.

So, when asking everyone what their favorite tool was in the sewing room, an overwhelming number of you stated that the seam ripper was your best tool.  Now I agree, the seam ripper is a great tool, though often having to use it means you made a mistake (dang it!) but sometimes it's a remodel so that's okay!  Today I was putting a blackout liner in a ready-made drapery panel for a client, so it was a seam ripper day, but a good one.  In the process, I used a technique I wanted to share with you.

When you have slid that fab seam ripper along the seam to cut away the stitching, you are left with lots of loose threads.  The best and quickest way I have found to get rid of those threads prior to re-sewing your seam is to use masking tape.  Tear off an 8-12" piece of tape, place it over the thready area, press it down firmly, then peel away.  For most fabrics the tape will pick up 95% of the threads in one stick!  You can use the tape a few times before it loses its tackiness, but just tear a new strip and you are on your way.

Masking tape is also great for marking fabric (wrong side, this side up, labeling a pattern piece, etc.) and can be used for basting a zipper.  I recommend testing a piece first if you are going to use tape on the right side of a fabric, or on the back side of a napped fabric, but most fabrics will do great with masking tape!

As I was searching for images for this post, I came across this cool assortment of colored tape:

Don't you want some of this lovely stuff!  I went to this link:
Where they sell solid and printed tapes for crafting and artwork.  Not as cheap as the hardware stuff, but ooooo, doesn't it get your creative juices flowing!

What would you do with cool patterned masking tape?

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