Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Timesaving tip of the day, Labels!

As I was making pillows for a client today, I used a great timesaver.  The fabric for the front of the pillows was a large scale print with no clear 'up' or direction.  The back is in a chenille with no clear front or back side. 

Since I was making multiples, I didn't want there to be a difference in the direction so it was important to decide right side for the chenille and a direction for the print.  To do this, I keep a sheet of return address sized labels that say Wrong Side Up and a directional arrow:

I simply peel off a label and stick it on the back of each piece as it is cut to indicate the back side and direction so that as I assemble the project, I'm not stopping to decide direction, or worse yet, tearing out stitching on a piece sewn the wrong way!  There is enough adhesive to stick well, but without leaving any residue when removed.  Hope this tip helps you decide which way is up!

Happy stitching!

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