Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tina Purse Sew a Long Day 4

Welcome back!  Let's add our 2 handles to the Tina Purse.

Find your strap loop pieces and thread them through the loops at the end of your straps, wrong sides together, and pin to the purse body as directed.
Notice that the strap is right side down as shown above.  That way, it will be right side up when you hold the purse!  Sew the loop straps onto the body of the purse.  I like to sew back and forth to really hold the strap on tight, this is a seam that will be working hard!  The loop straps are plenty long, you can sew them on a little shorter if you like, notice mine extend a bit beyond the raw edge of the top of the purse.  Trim away any excess.  Repeat on the other side of the purse.

(note:  If you are making a single handle version of the Tina Purse, follow the instructions in the pattern and attach the handle a little later in the construction)

Now lets work on the lining and zipper.

Find the lining pieces.  Sew each of the 4 darts (2 on each lining side) to create the bottom contour of the purse.  Press the darts.
Now lets work on the zipper.

If your zipper is 18" long, we will cover the end of the zipper with a decorative stop.  You can trim away any excess zipper tape.  If you were unable to find an 18" zipper and your zipper is longer, close the zipper and cut the end of the zipper so it is 18" long.

Let's create the zipper stop.  Cut a square from one of your fabrics 2" x 3".  Press under 1/2" on each end so the piece is now 2" x 2".
Wow, none of my fabrics like to hold a crease!

Following pg 17 of the pattern, fold the square right sides together and stitch the sides to make the zipper stop the right size.
Trim away the excess fabric from the seams and turn right side out.  Place the end of the zipper into the fabric box.  If there is still a stop on your zipper (or even if your zipper is separating), make sure the stop/ends are encased in the fabric.  Trim away extra tape if you need to.
If using a poly zipper like mine, stitch around all 4 sides of the fabric box.  If you are using a zipper with metal teeth, sew up to, but not through the teeth (can you say - broken needle!).  Backstitch at the beginning and end to secure your stitching!
Find your zipper facing pieces.  If you have used a firm but thin interfacing like decor bond, you can press it under with the outside facing pieces.  If you used a fleece or bulky interfacing, you might want to trim away 1/2" from each end before pressing under to reduce the bulk.  I like to line up my 4 facing pieces to make sure when the ends are pressed under the pieces are all the same length.
Sew the first side of the zipper onto the outside (here the blue print) facing piece as directed on Pg 19 of the directions.  Remember to turn under the extra zipper tape at the start of the facing.
Your zipper will be a few inches longer than the facing pieces, that is correct!  You want the extra zipper so you can open the purse more fully when unzipped.

Add the facing lining piece to the seam you just sewed and stitch across the zipper again as directed.
Press the facing pieces away from the zipper and topstitch around 3 sides as directed.  Repeat on the second side of the zipper and now your zipper should look like this:
Let's attach the zipper to the lining.

Find your lining piece.  Place the lining piece right side up, lay the zipper on top of the lining piece with the lining facing down.  The lining piece should be a couple inches longer than the zipper facing, that's correct as the zipper will 'float' in the center of the purse.  I eyeballed the center, but you can use a tape measure to check the center if you wish!
Place the top facing piece right side down on top of the zipper facing and pin all layers together. 
If the ends do not match up exactly, that's ok.  Depending on your fabrics, your accuracy in cutting, their relative weights and the interfacing you choose will all affect the final dimensions of the pieces.  The lining will float inside the purse, so this seam is not a crucial dimension!  Sew the seam.

Following the pattern directions, repeat this seam on the other side of the zipper/lining.  Your lining should now look like this.
 Come back tomorrow and we'll finish making the Tina Purse!

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