Monday, April 7, 2014

Tina Purse Sew a Long Day 2

Tina Purse Sew a Long
Day 2

Lets get started on our purse!

Print out your pattern pieces and assemble the pieces that are colored.  This includes the purse center, the purse sides, and the purse lining.

Cut out your purse pieces.  Notice the grain line on the purse side pieces.  Use this guideline to have an upright appearance to the pattern when the purse is assembled.
I found this cool fabric that looks like a textured suede on the face and is on a fairly stable knit backing.  It is easier to sew on than some faux suede fabrics, but because it is a knit backing, its a little thick.  I still plan to use interfacing because it is still soft on its own.

I am going to cut my purse center pieces sideways (see the selvedge at the top of the picture) because I like this direction of the print.  It looks like 'up' to me!

Continue until you have cut out all your purse pieces as directed.

Now lets cut out the interfacing.

I like to use my fabric as a pattern, especially for pieces that had to be cut on the fold.  My interfacing is folded in half, right sides together.  The side pieces are not symmetrical so you must be sure to have 2 left sides and 2 right sides when you are all done.  I put the side pieces where they fit best to have less waste.  Since interfacing doesn't have a woven grain, you can cut in either direction and do not have to line up the grain line.  You can cut at an angle too!

Here are all my pieces cut and ready to go!
Now get your iron fired up and lets fuse the interfacing to the fabric pieces.
Sometimes the interfacing is a little bigger than the fabric piece, oops!  When this happens, I just trim away the excess interfacing.
Now we have everything ready to assemble.  Come back tomorrow ready to sew!

Questions?  Comment below!

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  1. Welcome sewists, I'm here to help if you need it! Let me know how you are doing!