Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kindle, Nook, eReader case upcycled from Jeans!

When I am shopping and see all the embellished pockets on jeans, I was inspired to use those fancy pockets on my eDevice covers.  All that pretty work, already done for you and in pocket form...Perfect! 

Since I didn't have any candidates in my closet, I headed to my local thrift shop and found some cute jeans to play with. 

The Kindle, Nook, eReader size pattern fit nicely on the rear of the pants I selected.  Be sure to take your pattern piece with you when shopping, there is a great variation in pocket placement among different styles.  Some pockets are placed all the way up and onto a heavy room to add a zipper!

I selected a cute pink print for the lining and cut out all the pieces needed to make the case.  I put the pattern as high on the plain fabric as possible, right below the heavy horizontal seam on the back yolk.
From here, simply follow the directions in my pattern to make the eReader cover.  Here is the finished cover, reader inserted (and protected, the case is fully padded) and a pre-made pocket.  It took me longer to cut it out than it did to stitch it up! 

If you have struggled with zippers, don't worry, this pattern makes it so easy you can't go wrong!

Check out my Craftsy store for this and other pattern variations for eReaders, iPads and Laptops!
Here is the cute pink lining! 
Added a scrap of blue ribbon to accent the zipper pull

The finished cover, so fun!

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